Reflexology is a natural therapy used to promote wellbeing and helps to treat the whole person holistically (body, mind & spirit).  Deep relaxation whillst stimulating the body’s physical and emotional healing processes.  It encourages a stronger body and calmer mind by helping to detoxify, increase circulation, balance energy and boost your body’s immune system.

Full consideration is given for potential physical and emotional causes working on the principles that there are energy zones that run throughout your body from head to toe.  Each energy zone having reflex points or areas which correspond to parts of your body including nerves, organs and glands which can become out of balance.  Toxins can subsequently build up which feel like tiny crystals under the skin.  Gentle pressure is applied and can help break down these toxins and bring the area back into balance.  Your feet are a map of your body and mirror its layout.  Regular headaches for example can be treated by stimulating the head reflex on the big toe. 

You will receive an initial consultation to assess your medical history and physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Treatment includes being reclined on the treatment bed and a vibrating spa bubble soak to cleanse the feet, an invigorating scrub treatment.  The feet will be dried and the reflexology massage of both feet will commence.  The treatment is finished with a deep moisturising foot mask and booties applied.

Luxury Reflexology Pamper £40.00

Several conditions that Reflexology can help with are;

Back Pain
Digestive Disorders
Homonal imbalances
Pregnancy related conditions
Sleep disorders
Sports injuries
Stress related conditions

Massage & Holistic Treatments
Fingers and Toes

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