Fingers and toes

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic and Gel are two totally different nail systems and there are many brands available on the market. Through my experience I have found that Acrylic is generally more hard wearing but flexible, so great for more active ladies. An Acrylic nail is achieved by mixing together a liquid/powder which react together and form a small bead which is then applied by a brush and built up on each nail. You can apply this to a nail extension (a plastic tip which adds instant length to the wearers nail) which can then be sculpted to give the vision of a longer and more beautiful nail. Even if you bite your nails it is possible to give the illusion of length whilst your own nails grow underneath.

Gel Nails

The advantages of gel nails are they look almost identical to a set of naturally beautiful manicured nails.  Several thin applications of 'The Manicure Company' Gel are applied & cured under a specialist lamp.  They are strong & durable with a high gloss finish.  A 2 week service to keep your nails looking tip top.


Acrylic & Gel nails require maintenance to keep nails looking their absolute best and a return to the salon within 2/3 weeks is recommended.  It is also vital to have artificial nails safely & correctly removed to prevent damage to your natural nail bed and also to check the health of your natural nails.

Nail Services

Acrylic Extensions £40
The Manicure Company Gel Nails £30
The Manicure Company Gel Luxury Pedicure £40
Soak Off/Mini Manicure £20


Classic Manicure(Polish) £20
Classic Manicure (French) £22


Luxury Pedicure (Polish) £28
Luxury Pedicure (French) £30
File & Paint (Polish) £16
File & Paint (French) £18

Nail Art/Design on request

Please remember your flip-flops!

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